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This is Mark Victor Hansen, the famous speaker, trainer, and best-selling author Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Best Seller Book Blueprint

"If you want to take your book to the top.. You need to listen to my friend Warren Whitlock"

Mark Victor Hansen
Co-Author "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

 Your Best Seller
Book Blueprint

A system guaranteed to work for you

Dear Author,

Let's talk about you and your book...

You have a message to share with the world. That message will only reach it's full potential when it's seen by reader. To get the recognition you know you deserve, then you can help more people and achieve your goals readers have to see your book.

Behind the scenes of the best sellers and famous big name authors are organized marketing plans that virtually guarantee success.

When you follow this same blueprint, you will get the same amazing results.

I have worked with hundreds of authors, and now have a program that we use to develop and execute again and again. When we apply this program to any good book, the market responds. The secret is in to follow a blueprint that works.

With hundreds of books released every single day, we know that many good books and great authors are lost in the chaos of the marketplace. The traditional publishing model works on the spaghetti principle.. throwing everything at the market and hoping some stick.. leaving the majority of authors with very few sales. But now there is a better way..

Attract All the Readers You Need to Be a Bestseller

I have documented the systems used by our staff to build a Best Seller Book Blueprint for authors and now, for the first time ever, we can guarantee that any author can leverage their readership by when you use our program.

I will share from my experience gained from dozens of best seller campaigns and book launches, eliminating the hype and clutter and focusing on the proven steps that bring quick results.

You will be part of a small group of clients who want access to a professionals, but don't have an unlimited marketing and promotional budget. I will personally help you use the a marketing power of the blueprint for your book idea and see you get the support you need.

You will finally have access to the same techniques I have used with major best seller authors to launch hundreds of books. Best of all, you'll be able to build on your success by repeating this simple blueprint with each new book or project you create... knowing that you will get the results you desire.

I've put an outline of the program on this page. Some quotes from authors that have become best sellers, and answers to the common questions we get.

Read through the system here. You'll see how this blueprint is an approach that works. If you are ready to become a best seller, click the button and see if there is still a space open in the program.

Matt Bacak


"Results for Authors With A Limited Budget"

"Your strategies made me a best seller. I watched my book soar past other books with much larger budgets.

"A book is the best lead generator ever. More prospects and more ready to buy"

Matt Bacak
Frontier Marketing International

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"Your Personal Automated System to Make Your Book a Best Seller"
4 Step Program For Guarateed Success


Follow the path through these 4 modules

I know you are busy so I packaged the program as quick and easy step you can follow for success Each focuses on a vital area you need to be a best seller. Simply follow each one and you will be a best seller in 90 days.

Module #1
Quick Start Marketing: Sell Yourself Before You Write
You and your book may be listed online, but do you have a system for generating new readers, building a mailing list and converting visitors to sales?

  • We will reveal the 7 secrets to online success

  • Step by step simple system to build a web presence, for your book and you as the author, without technical skills

  • Social media sites that offer free publcity fast. No, you don't need to spend hours.

  • How to build a following of thousands of new readers

  • Exactly what it takes to convert a web visitor to book buyer, why book buyers are the best leads, and how to up-sell them to your other products and services.

  • I will give you a simple system to know exactly when you get web publicity, and track conversion (even a complete novice can do this)

"Top Expert at Promoting Book"

“Warren is one of the top experts when it comes to promoting books and creating a win-win for everyone involved...I highly recommend his work.”

Randy Gilbert


Module #2
What to Write What Readers Are Anxious to Buy

Successful authors know that readers want to read and buy a steady stream of fresh content.

  • Detailed instruction on creating products and services that the market wants, and getting them sold before your book is finished
  • Outline Your Best Seller Book in 15 minutes

  • How to get your network to research and write for you

  • Answering the most common questions about pubishing. New technologies and opportunities to use your book's content in new markets, online distribution and extra income and publicity.

  • Using will be able to use the "currency" of your book, mailing list and relationship with readers to profit in your own business but the return on investment from cross promotions can add thousands to your income.

Heather Vale Goss: The Unwrapper™

"Knows the Book Marketing Game Inside Out"

“I've seen other people running best-seller book campaigns, but none have been as slick or as well put-together as Warren's. I have also partnered with him on several promotions, offering my products as a bonus to customers of the books that fit my niche, and every time it has gone extremely well. I would highly recommend Warren because he obviously knows the book marketing game inside and out.”

Heather Vale Goss
Radiio, TV and Internet Host

Module #3

Attracting Attention for You and Your Book
Once you learn how to get books and products out fast, you'll want to do it again and again. More books are just one way to leverage promotion for you and your growing company.

  • Which FREE web sites are getting instant buzz.

  • How you get interviews with the top radio shows.

  • Online media podcasts, weblogs, social media and high traffic review sites.

  • The free and easy 5 step networking system to get new readers, new promotional partners and incredible free coverage for your book.

"Best in the field"

“Warren is the best in his field. He really knows how to drive publicity through Book promotions.”

Nick Nanton
Entertainment Attorney


Module #4

The Online "Best Seller" Launch Campaign
You've seen the campaigns. Millions of emails announcing a book promotion and "instant" best seller status. In this session,

  • I will reveal the system I use for my clients. Exactly what I do for when we make a book a best seller.

  • The common mistake most first time authors make that guarantees their book won't rank. A five minute fix that will prevent that.

  • I'll share what we do to get authors and mailing list owners for endorse these books, give us valuable gifts, run excerpts with links to the promotions and mail to millions of readers.

  • The secret words mailing list owners want to hear, how to get them to mail for free. Which bonus gifts get the most sales conversion.

  • All the things you must do to turn a one day promotion into an ongoing free traffic promotion... and avoid the mistakes that can ruin a launch

This session alone will give you what you need to make your book a best seller. When you do the preperating in modules #1 and #2 and follow this system, your book will be a best seller.

"Fanatical About Support for Authors"

“Warren was my first introduction to joint venturing a book launch. That venture to help someone else launch their book has helped me build my list of people for my newsletter and other products. Warren is fanatical about supporting his clients and participants.”

Joan Eisenberg, Owner, JME Consulting, Inc.


Additional Resources and Topics Covered During the Blueprint Presentation and In Our Member's Area:

  • How to run your own best seller launch day

  • Sell the information in your book for 100x the price

  • The latest social media methods used by best sellers

  • What top bloggers do to get a steady flow of new readers

  • How to syndicate your content to new audiences

  • Ending writers block. Quick system to create books and other media

  • Online tools to place you where people are looking

  • The 3 word strategy that will make your ideas go viral

  • How to make your book exactly what readers are begging for

  • A 7 minute web signup that can double an author's crediblity

  • Speed up your writing by 300% without a keyboard

  • The missing step that will get others to promote you book

  • What reporters are looking for and where they look. Are you there?

  • How live events can be the best place to leverage your book sales

  • Free web site trick that to make your site a reader magnet

  • Time management for a best seller author.

  • What to put into you book that will make it sell

  • 12 ways to use your book or knowledge to make a new revenue stream

  • Software and tools to conduct your own best seller book launch

  • How to the expert resource for media

  • Where to find the best partners for your book launch promotion

  • Using a blog tour to reach millions of readers

  • How to turn your book into a TV show

  • Where to find reliable help and how to use outsourcing

  • The free software tools we use to outline a book in minutes

  • How to use social networking to connect with thousands of readers

  • How to find a best seller book title

  • What to say when you are intereviewed that will work every time

  • Selling readers on you and your book before publication

I have carefully packaged all the essential information you  need into the training session. When you follow the plan, you will see results.

Individual Attention

As you move toward becoming a best seller, you'll have questions. Your book is unique and you will have questions regarding the process.

Your situation is unique, but fortunatly, I have the experience of working with thousands of authors and know I can get you the answers you are looking for.

Our community will be here to support you. Videos of my computer screen showing you the exact steps to solve your problem, other authors ready to share resources, and me.. checking in on your progress, holding consulting day sessions and giving you the support you'll need to acheive best seller status.

All sessions are recorded so you can attend live or review on your schedule.

"Powerful Marketing Plans Make BestSellers"

“Have a book to market? With the flooding of books on the market out there, you'll need an excellent marketing strategy to make yours sell--Warren is the person to call to help you. As the author of 6 books, I know the importance of a powerful marketing plan, otherwise the books just sit on the shelves or warehouses. Get in touch with Warren Whitlock and make your book a bestseller.”

Larina Kase
Performance and Success Coaching

The Best Seller Book Blueprint Includes Complete Instructions, Video Training and Checklists. A Blueprint to Create Your Best Seller:

The 4 Session Best Seller Book Blueprint training. Each session will be recorded and availabe for review on demand.

120 day access to my private resources, disussion forum, software training and vendor discounts.

PUBLISHING CONTRACT Books produced using the Best Seller Book Blueprint will be submitted to our publisher. (editorial review required, but if you follow my system, you will get accepted). $5000 value.

Best Seller Launch Recruitment For your book launch Warren will mail to his personal list of thousand of mailing partners, provide you with a blogger list for your niche, and link you into his social media network. $3500 value

Bonus Trainings from top Publishing, Promotion and Marketing Experts (attend live, or access recordings as desired)

Unlimited support during the program. Ask any questions and I will get you a fast answer.

2 passes to Millionaire Best Seller Boot Camp (held in 2011)

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"Getting the Very Best"

"I extend my deepest and most sincere appreciation to you, Warren, for all your guidance, help and caring. I can't begin to express all that you and your continuous support has meant to me these past few months. I can truthfully say that anyone who engages you is getting the very BEST"

Dr. Nell Rodgers
Best Selling Author of Puppet or Puppeteer

Bonus Material to Help Guide You

As you begin to build your readership, you will start to discover the power of an online marketing system. To complete I brought in the best and brightest book marketing trainers and will include the following package to help you achieve online success:

The Author Business Plan: Creating Your Legend Platform
Best Selling Author Ben Mack used to create marketing plans for some of the biggest corporations in America. Now he helps authors and entrepreneurs create the same plans for positions themselves. During this fun interview, Ben will tell how he was able to move from a corporate job to best selling author, explain how his legend platform works, tell you how to create your own legend platform and how to thinking two products ahead will increase your income.

This program is included in your package.

Using Facebook to Build Your Business
44 million people have joined Facebook and 250,000 are signing up everyday. One thing we know for sure, all of them READ. In this informative class, Mari Smith will share the best strategies for reaching your readers through Facebook, how to use a Facebook profile to increase your visibility, and how to connect with the influencers that can leverage your network online.

You get the online link with in your package

How To Get Famous Without Leaving Your House
Lou D'alo is shares how to promote yourself, connect with readers sell more books and earn an income from anywhere. As a corporate business development executive, Lou traveled extensively and made millions for his company. Then he learned the secret to building a comfortable income without most of the work, helping thousands from his home. Authors will appreciate the powerful strategies shared in this program.

This program is included in your package.

How I Made My First $1,000,000.00 Month Selling Information Online.
Paulie Sabol explains how he was able to quit his job as a social worker using a simple plan to sell online, then build a six figure per month income and finally a $1 Million dollar month. The program tells how he did it, and how he's helping thousands of home based entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom. The CD will give you a quick start in to add additional income each month, free up time to spend with your family and achieve your financial goals.

This progam is included in your package.

All book marketing resources listed here are included
in the Best Seller Book Bluepring. Click here to get started

"Warren knows Book Marketing"
"Thanks for making me a best seller.. I couldn't have done it without your support.. Warren knows book marketing, and is a great guy"

Keith Cameron Smith,
Best-Selling author of "The Spiritual Millionaire"

Now is the Time To Start

Moving you forward, working closely with you, increasing your reputation and visibility as an author, and creating a business that works for you is the goal of this program...

Your desire and determination, coupled with our insight and methods will be just what you need create a sustainable author business:

  • Your book into greater distribution

  • Establish a connection to a profitable back end business

  • Create publicity and "buzz" for you and your book

My staff and I are dedicated to finding and promoting the best new authors. We know that an Best Seller Book Blueprint, followed as we have done for dozens of other authors, will be your key to become a best selling author.


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Join my Best Seller Book Blueprint and me help you start the sustainable business you always knew was possible.

After 30 days, you decide if it's right for you. If you are not fully satisfied, your money will be cheerfully refunded.   

Will This Work For Me and My Book?

Here's what a few others are saying about Warren Whitlock's Book Marketing Programs


"Maximum Value and Tangible Results"

“Warren works very hard to ensure his clients receive maximum value and tangible results. He is personally (hands-on) involved in helping his clients get the word out about his clients and their books.”

Wendy Kurtz, President, Elizabeth Charles & Associates


"Make Your Book Part of a Successful Business"

"“Warren is a master at helping authors make their books Bestsellers. If you are a new or aspiring author - work with Warren to make your book part of a truly successful business. If you are already a successful author, tap in to Warren's program to increase your exposure and build your subscriber list!.”

Don Mastrangelo
Owner, PowerPlan Press


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"You Need Warren On Your Team"

“Warren is a warm and inviting person with the most knowledge on book marketing that I have ever encountered. When they tell you to think outside the box...Warren takes marketing far beyond that. If you have written a book, are going to be writing a book or know someone who is and you want to get the best results possible from your marketing = you need Warren on your team.

"I met Warren in October 2005 at a seminar where he was one of the keynote speakers and I was amazed at the in depth knowledge Warren was sharing with us. It really opened my eyes to how books should be marketed in the information age.

"There is a better way to market your book than that employed by the traditional publishing company. They are using the horse and buggy where Warren is zipping past them in a thoroughbred race car.

"I have been part of several of Warren's book launches over the past year and was nothing short of amazed at the results Warren got for his clients.

"To launch a book marketing campaign without the aid of Warren Whitlock and his strategies would be foolish indeed”

Mitch Baldwin
Paradise Publishers


Kaarin Alisa

"Consider This Life Changing Opportunity"

"Other programs I have been in have left me feeling that they cared more about taking my money than about anything else about me. They ignored my requests and left me high and dry at the end. But Warren has built a success team that is astounding. I urge you to consider this life-changing opportunity and explode your own publishing success."

Kaarin Alisa, Author of "Kick Any Habit"

"Specific Ideas for Your Unique Market"

"Warren is a really great person to work with if you are ready to move your business to the next level. I am a book author and business owner in a niche market that few Internet marketers understand. Some of the things he told me to do for my business I already knew, but he gave me the push I needed to get them done. He has also given me lots of great ideas for things I never thought to do to market my company. Warren took the time to find out what I do and to give me specific ideas for my market.

"More than that, Warren is personally a warm, supportive person. I couldn't ask for a better coach, and look forward to getting to know him better as a friend.

I am extremely pleased with his service, and heartily recommend his coaching program to others."

Geri Winters

Questions About
Best Seller Book Blueprint?


Q: What if I already have a book in print?

A: Most authors tell me that they are planning to write more books or other informaiton porducts. The writing process we use will help for that. However, it's the publicity process that builds recognition, credibility and results over time. You need the Best Seller Book Blueprint to get the publicity your book deserves.


Q: Does the Best Seller Book Blueprint work for e-books?
A: Yes. We recommend that every author have a real book, but many get started by promoting an e-book, getting sales sooner and moving to a book when the time is right. All systems we share will work for any book or information product.


Q: Can I invite my spouse or business partners?
A: The program is intended for your book project, so your team members are always welcome and encouraged to participate. You'll be able to use the strategies and tactics again and again, we ask only that you limit questions to one project at a time.


Q: How does the program work?
A: To save on travel costs, and allow time for you to begin to get results between modules, we schedule our core program as webinar sessions every two weeks. The webinars are recorded and made available in our private access members area immediately for 24/7 review.


Q: Do I need a publishing contract? Can I be "self published"
A: There are advantages to using a publisher, and I will show you choose when that is appropriate, or when to publish yourself. Either way, you are in control. Regardless of who publishes your book, you need an online presence and marketing to sell your book.


Q: I don't have marketing experience? Can you get me started?
A: Our sessions are designed to give step-by-step instructions that anyone, regardless of experience can use to get results. Our program is not technical in nature, and we offer unlimited support when questions arise.


Q: How can you guarantee my success?
A: I have worked with hundreds of authors and made many best sellers online. The systems and marketing secrets share in the Best Seller Book Blueprint will work for your book as you implement the steps. I know that these methods work becuase I use them for my own books and for dozens of clients each year. My guarantee is based on years of experience helping authors like you succeed.

"The Important Difference About This Program"

“Warren is a bottom-line guy who gets results. He's different from a lot of other results superstars like himself in one important way: he's got heart. Don't think that's a cliché. It's not. In fact, it's extraordinarily important because Warren deals with some of the most vulnerable properties an individual can offer: his or her own book, the very expression of one's own knowledge, life experience, and resulting wisdom. You want a guy with heart to help you with something like that.”

David Garfinkel, Founder, World Copywriting Institute

To insure that each author in our program get the individual
attention required, we reserve the right to revoke this offer
without further notice when we have enough qualified authors


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I cannot know exactly what benefits you will get when you attract more book sales, public recognition, leads and marketing results with our program.  As you think about the future, and what's possible as a successful author you will see amazing results.


I am confident you will succeed. And I back that up with our our money back guarantee. I'll take the risk when you make the commitment.


I look forward to helping you with your book.

Warren Whitlock


PS. I have included all the information you need in this letter, and judging by past response, all positions will be filled quickly.


The authors we've tested this program with have have been through the checklists and created books, ebooks and information products in records time. You can use the blueprints yourself, or asign parts to others to help you.


If you are looking to move even faster, or outsource the entire project, the blue print is a good start, and I will make available resoucese that will do it for you.


BBest bet. Get started here. The program is guaranteed.


Let's get you on the best seller list!/font>


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